Whenever I find something great elsewhere on the internet, I like to try and share it with you.  Check out this post from Lutheran blogger, Chad Bird, on what the Christian Church has to say about the voting booth.  For the whole post, click here. - Pastor Mueller


Getting Satisfaction

In today's local paper I read an article by Cal Thomas in the opinion section titled "Getting Satisfaction".  In the article Mr. Thomas talks about insights he's gained from a new book called "Thrive" by the founder of the Huffington Post.  He reminds readers that what we so often think will bring us satisfaction is more money or power.  Mr. Thomas directs us instead to our relationships with family and friends as being far more fulfilling than anything we will find in the world of business or politics.

Martin Luther

On this day 468 years ago the great Pastor, Reformer, and Theologian, Martin Luther passed away.  In the Lutheran Church we honor his memory today, giving thanks to God for the way He used His servant, Martin, to shine a light again on the promises of Holy Scripture and the great hope we have in the Gospel.

Psalm 145 'Praising God Even When He Seems Silent'

At the Ladies Aid Bible Study this morning we are studying Psalm 145 from the latest issue of Lutheran Women's Quarterly.  I wanted to share a paragraph with you on praising God in all things that really jumped out to me.  May it be a source of blessing to you during your time of reflection today.  Read Psalm 145 here first.


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