Confirmation Starting Soon

Pastor Whittle is working hard to schedule Confirmation Classes. This year, they will be scheduled at a time separate from Sunday School. He will also be splitting the first and second year students into two classes. If you have a child who will be in one of these classes, please follow the appropriate link to a poll to determine when classes will be held. For each of the time slots, you can indicate unavailable (blank), good (green check), or possible (yellow check in parentheses).

Please be as open and available as possible, keeping in mind that Pastor Whittle lives 45 minutes away and needs to spend some time with his family. If you know that a time slot will usually work but there might be a few exceptions, please indicate it as possible. Pastor Whittle will be happy to meet with your student individually a few times if necessary.

The polls have closed, and Pastor is trying to get the schedule worked out to the benefit of all. Stay tuned.