The Church’s Wisdom Inside the Voting Booth

Whenever I find something great elsewhere on the internet, I like to try and share it with you.  Check out this post from Lutheran blogger, Chad Bird, on what the Christian Church has to say about the voting booth.  For the whole post, click here. – Pastor Mueller

“The only politician mentioned in the creeds of Christianity is the one responsible for executing its founder. Of Jesus we confess that he was crucified for us “under Pontius Pilate” (Nicene Creed) and “suffered under Pontius Pilate,” (Apostles’ Creed). That is the church’s political statement every Sunday.

And it gives us the wisdom we need as we prepare to vote. When Christians select their candidate this fall, we have a unique insight. We realize that behind the men and women who are running for office, is the God who’s mysteriously at work to bring about his will, even as he used Pilate to accomplish his saving will for us.”