Bible Study in Strange Times

Please read your Bible every day.

If you would like suggestions or resources, including books of devotions or a schedule of readings, please let me know at

While the threat of covid-19 keeps us socially distant, spending time together, in-person, for Bible Study does not exhibit appropriate concern for the welfare of our Christian brothers and sisters. Yet, Bible Study is as important now as ever!

There are many options for you to do on your own, from books to videos published on CPH to facebook posts by other good pastors (there are also a lot of things out there that you should avoid – contact me if you have any questions about a resource!)

I am not comfortable doing a lecture-style Bible Study over facebook live. However, I would entertain the option of using zoom to host a virtually-in-person classroom. (For the record, Carrie has been using zoom to teach her students at Stephens!) If you are not familiar with zoom, think the Brady Bunch intro or Hollywood Squares, with people in boxes. Everyone gets their own box, and can interact during the session. If you have a device with a camera that is connected to the internet (usually smartphone, tablet, or laptop), you can probably zoom!

If you would be interested in participating in such a Bible Study, please utilize the following two polls to help me plan what and when.

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